USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633)

The Story Of A Cold War Warrior


Welcome back in time to the decade of MTV, Reaganomics, detente' and of course numerous Arnold Schwartzenegger films.  The photos on this page were donated by various crewmembers and do not fit anywhere else on this site.  If you sent photos - as always, THANK YOU!!!!!  If not, feel free to share your memories with the world.  Enjoy your trip back in time.


A rare shipyard shot from Newport News, Virginia, the crew gathers for an awards ceremony (photo courtesy of Woodley Frampton).

Here's a Cape Canaveral, Florida shot of the Pulaski with some of her masts extended (photo courtesy of Joe Perry).



Upper Level

This is the only photo so far, of the Captain's Stateroom.  Some of Pulaski's finest Sonar Technicians (Barney Downey, Fred Polchow and Larry Parker) are gathered here for reasons unknown (photo courtesy of Fred Polchow).

Middle Level

Senior Sonar Tech Keith Post presents ST3 Fred Polchow with his Dolphins in a mess decks ceremony (photo courtesy of Fred Polchow).

A view of what appears to be the Starboard side of MCML near the hatch leading to MCLL.  The gathering consists of Tiger Sweezy, M. Dye, John Delamadalena and Joe Perry.  A big thanks to Elizabeth Perry for providing ID information (photo courtesy of Joe Perry).

Missile compartment Christmas decorations for a Christmas Patrol.  If I'm not mistaken, this was the patrol that I should have made but was on medical hold at the time.  Joe "Smokin' Joe" Perry, Matt "Mad Dog" Abrames, Brian "Jim Bob" Sasse, Dean "Bear" Bower and "Dink" Shawn gather around their tree.  Thanks to Elizabeth Perry for providing positive ID information (photo courtesy of Joe Perry).

Weapons Department sponsored pizza night attended by Unk, FTBC Wojtalewicz, FTB2 Deaton, Unk, Unk, TM1 Flatley, MT3 Perry, FTGC Eberhardt, Unk and Unk.  I see MT's, FTB's, FTG's and TM's in this photo!  Anyone remember their names?  Feel free to write (photo courtesy of Joe Perry).

Another shot of the same night's event, verified to have taken place November 1989.  Pictured from left to right are Joe Perry, Michael Schuller, Joe Pauloski, Alex Dunmire, Steven Deaton, Tiger Sweezy and George Williams.  Thank you to Elizabeth Perry for providing ID and date information for the photo (photo courtesy of Joe Perry).