Commissioning Commissioning Commissioning 1 Captain Robert Long, the first commanding officer of the USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633) and later the captain of the Blue Crew. 185331928 Commissioning 2 The crew mustered topside during the acceptance ceremony. Both of the boat's new captains prepare to read orders. 185331929 Commissioning 3 The crew is addressed by Captain William Hushing, the Supervisor of Building, Groton, Connecticut.. 185331930 Commissioning 4 The acceptance ceremony follows time-honored proceedings and is the moment the Navy has been waiting for: delivery of their new ship! 185331931 Commissioning 5 The commissioning proceedings. 185331932 Commissioning 6 Postmaster General John Gronouski departs the boat following commissioning. 185331933 Commissioning 7 The new boat skippers (Gold Crew captain Commander Thomas Brittain and Blue Crew captain Captain Robert Long) start the festivities. 185331934 Commissioning 8 The two captains and an unknown dignitary (possibly J. William Jones, president of Electric Boat). 185331935 Commissioning 9 The captains with more dignitaries. 185331936 Commissioning 10 The party gets underway with the meet and greet for the two captains. 185331937 Commissioning 11 Captain Long and to his right are the Postmaster General and his wife who Christened the Pulaski. 185331938 Commissioning 12 More handshaking. 185331939 Commissioning 13 More dignitaries getting ready for the traditional cake cutting. 185331940 Commissioning 14 The two captains cut the commissioning cake. 185331941