SSBN 633 Blue Crew 1974/1975 SSBN 633 Blue Crew 1974/1975 Charlie Charlie was the Commissary Chief for a couple of patrols. The rumor was he was very tough but everyone was to afraid of him to find out. Actually I never heard him say a word in two years and he always seemed in a good mood (he was a great cook). 32502784 The Quartermaster Stand David Weaver - Victor Quinones - Norm Burrington at the Quartermasters stand. 32502785 The Radio Room Sitting Norm Burrington QM3 Ernie Miller SM3 and Skip Claussen RM3 32502786 Alsa Craig As seen from the Casimir Pulaski 1974. 32502787 The original SIMS Mike Dispinette and Norm Burrington. Mike was a Nav. ET and an unbelieveable positive attitude. I have seen him in the background of another picture in this site. 32502788 The planes. Mike F (?) and Norm Burrington on the Bow and Stern Planes. 32502789 More Blue Crew (?) Kelley - Norm Burrington - and the blonde guy is the artist that painted the missile tube door and many other things on the sub. 32502790 Misc. pictures 32502791 Scotland 1974 I'm sure I was the first person to think of this. 32502793 Quartermaster watch Norm Burrington QM3 1974/1975 32502794 The Con Norm Burrington QM3 1974/1975 32502795 Paul Lang A great guy! Aspired to be a New York City cop after the Navy. Enjoying his hair between services. 32502796 Casimir Pulaski Gothic Sitting - Skip Claussen Bigger sitter - Ernie Miller, a very funny guy! 32502797 Scotland 1974/1975 32502798 Scotland 1974/1975 32502839 Scotland 1974/1975 32502840 On the Torpedo Skid From top to bottom: Norm Burrington, Brennan (?), David Weaver, Mink, Skip Claussen 32502841 More Blue Crew Brennan (?), Norm Burrington, Unknown Messcook, Joel Franks, David Weaver. Joel Franks hid in his locker to avoid the infamous Blue Nose search. Someone ratted him out at the last minute but still an unbelieveable feat! 32502842 Casimir Pulaski Misc. Pictures The middle picture was the inside of a missile tube door painted by the crew. 1974. 32502843 Misc Pictures Casimir Pulaski 32502844 The sky Anyone that has ever been on back-to-back patrols would understand the signifigance of this picture. 32502845 The Purple Convertible Mike, here it is!!! The fact someone had a picture of it is pretty amazing (and funny). 111863902