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Crewmembers from all periods of Pulaski's lifespan have contributed photographs for this website.  They are arranged as individual photos throughout the various pages of this website.   This page serves as a "thanks" to each sender and contains a little biographical information about the senders including (where provided) a recent photo of the sender.  All photographs are the intellectual property of the crewmember who submitted them.  Should you desire to copy or download a photograph, you will need to obtain permission from the donator.  Contact me with your requests at: and I'll forward your request to the crewmember who donated the photo.  And as always, you can submit any photographs to the same email address.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation and again; thank you to all crewmembers who have submitted photographs.

Tony Anders

Tony served onboard the Pulaski with me during the mid 1980's and was a QMSN when he reported onboard the Blue Crew.  He is presently serving onboard the USS Maine (SSBN-741)(Blue) as Assistant Navigator.  Here is a photo of Tony with his parents and wife, Susan during his recent reenlistment.

Rob Bell

Rob "Rusty" Bell was a Fire Control Technician (Ballistic) onboard the Pulaski Gold Crew from 1979 to 1982. 

Walker Bousman

Walker served onboard the Pulaski Gold Crew from March 1978 to May 1980 as a nuclear Electrician's Mate First Class.  Walker has provided several items for the Museum.  Here's a recent photo of Walker and his family.

James Braden

James has been an invaluable source of information for me on several parts of this website and he served onboard the Casimir Pulaski at an ET during the 1970's.  Here's a photo of how he looks now.  Notice the photo behind them both of the same pose, but 34 years ago!

Michael Brand

Michael has sent some photos as well as tons of reunion tips and ideas and other information.  Mike's photos are also from the Holy Loch, late 1970's.  Here's a recent photo of Mike.

Allen Brown

Allen was a Plankowner crewmember and submitted some nice commissioning photographs, including a stunning Polaris A-3 missile shot and a photo of CP right as she came down the ways and splashed in the water.

Don Durand

Don was onboard the Gold Crew out of Holy Loch and sent some photos of the Pulaski around 1979 or so, while on sea trials. 

Woodley Frampton

Woodley was a Missile Technician onboard the Blue Crew at the same time as me.  He preceeded me in the yards, joining the refit crew before it was split into Blue and Gold Crews.  Several of Woodley's photographs can be found throughout the site in various places.  Here is a recent one of him and his daughter Caroline.

James Harper

James and I served together on the Blue Crew in the 1980's.  James was a Quartermaster but after leaving the Navy, is now a commissioned officer in the Naval Reserves.  Here's James' recent official USN portrait.

Chuck Jensen

Chuck was a plankowner crewmember who was there at Pulaski's birth.  Chuck has been a wealth of information and his photographs will be featured throughout the entire site.  Here is a recent photograph of Chuck as the current Tarheel Base Commander associated with the US Submarine Veterans, Inc.

Don Murphy

I guess it was about time that I posted a photo of myself, eh?  This photo was taken during my 40th birthday and features Lisa, my lovely wife of 25 years.  I was one of three Blue Crew YN's during the mid 1980's.  In 1989, I was medically retired and following my honorable discharge, we moved to England for a few years, returning to the USA in 1992.  We have a boy, James and two girls, Chelsea and Devon. 

Tom Olson

Tom was a Lieutenant Commander on the Gold Crew, at the end of her second overhaul at Newport News, in the 1980's.  Tom has submitted some items for inclusion into the "Museum" as well as this photograph of himself in uniform in 1984.

Joe Perry

Joe and I served onboard the Blue crew together in the late 1980's and made a patrol or two.  Joe has sent some photos of the missile and weapons department crew.  Here is a photo of Joe and his wife Elizabeth now.  Joe is presently stationed at King's Bay, GA.

Jack Postell

The late Jack Postell was a Gold Crew torpedoman during the 1970's Holy Loch days.  We are indebted to his surviving family for the loving contribution of over 100 of his photographs which will be featured throughout this site.  Some of Jack's photos have filled in missing areas of the "Tour" section of this site and are greatly appreciated. 

Peter Shoudy

One of the original Casimir Pulaski crewmembers, Peter is also of Polish extraction and has submitted a story for the Crew Memories section of the Sea Stories page.  Here is a recent picture of Peter.

David Thomas

David Thomas was a Radioman onboard the Pulaski as well as ship's photographer.  He compiled a book of crew photographs that remained onboard for the crew to look at during patrol.  The photographs were all taken and developed by David.  I have scanned each page as it appeared in the book, leaving David's original captions.  These photographs were taken during Pulaski's 44th patrol in 1978 which took place around the tail end of August and ending in November.  The Pulaski was deployed at the time out of Holy Loch, Scotland.  The Commanding Officer was CDR Graham.  WebsAlbum photographs 6 through 36 were taken by David.

Stan Tollison

Stan Tollison was a Machinist's Mate "ELT" onboard the Pulaski Blue Crew from October 1966 to July 1969, making six patrols.  WebsAlbum photo number 5 was submitted by Stan.

Tony Troup

Tony served as a Reactor Controls Assistant (RCA) onboard the Pulaski from 1992 to 1995.  He is currently in reserve status as a Lieutenant Commander.

Richard Van Remmen

Richard was a QM onboard the Pulaski during the sunset of her life.  Richard sent us some historically important photographs of Pulaski in the new facilities at the King's Bay Submarine Base.  Here's Richard now.

Don Ward

Don was a Torpedoman onboard the Pulaski Gold crew during the late 1970's.  Don may not have been a ship's photographer but he took hundreds of photographs which he has kindly shared with us.  His photographs are featured throughout the site in various places.  Don is also a working guitarist and has jammed with Tommy Cox, the submariner who has released many albums of submarine songs.  Two of those albums "In Honor Of" and "Spirituals" feature Don playing all of the musical instruments.  Don continues to be an inspiration, proof-reader and general all-around good guy to me which helps me keep this site afloat.  Here's Don with Sherry Sontag (co-author of "Blind Man's Bluff" with Christopher Drew) and Tommy Cox (photo by Mark "Chumley" Riethmeier, MM2(SS)).  

Keith Wassung

Keith was a Missile Technician onboard the Blue Crew when I was there.  We made several patrols together and Keith's photo appears a few times on the site.  Here's a present photo of Keith and his wife.