USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633)

The Story Of A Cold War Warrior

In Memory...

This page honors the crewmembers of the USS Casimir Pulaski who have departed us in body, but not in spirit.  The United States Navy's Submarine Service has, from the beginning, always been a volunteer force.  No one has ever served onboard a submarine who did not want to be there.  Spare a thought for these shipmates and their surviving families and give thanks in your own way that there are young men willing to follow in their footsteps today.  These men were truly heroes.

Aligood, Joe W. CDR
Ashburn, Gary ET2(SS)
Barber, George Allen ICPO(SS)
Beaman, William ENCS(SS)
Bentivengna, Peter ET1(SS)
Blalock, Stephen SKC(SS)
Block, Tilton L. FTB3(SS)
Boatman, Michael
Boshoven, Raymond MMCS(SS)
Brittain, Thomas B. CDR
Brown, Stuart  RMC(SS)
Budzisewski, Joseph ET2(SS)
Bunts, Billy MM3(SS)
Buxton, Bill ICC(SS)
Caison, Wilber Q. ETC(SS)
Campbell, Arlington RADM
Carter, Lynn  LCDR
Cone, Francis STSCM(SS)
Croft, William ETC(SS)
DeBeaumont, Frenchy MSCS(SS)
Ellinghousen, Wayne
Farber, Marshall MTCS(SS)
Finch, Freddie MM1(SS)
Fitzpatrick, Joseph CAPT 
Flood, Lou ET1(SS)
Forsyth, James P CAPT
Franklin Jr, Crandall Price
Gartley, James T Jr.  ETCS(SS) 
Gay, Hayden EN1(SS)
Gemma, Joe STSCS(SS)
Griffith, Dwaine RADM 
Griffin, John Jr. MT(SS)
Gurski, Roger MT3(SS)
Habermehl, Fred MT3(SS) 
Hargreaves, Paul RMC(SS)
Harter, Terry EMC(SS)
Hawkins, John FTBCS(SS) 
Horan, Vencent TM2(SS)
Horban, Joseph ET3(SS)
Horton, Harvey QMC(SS) 
Hukill, Henry CAPT
Hunt, Peter YN2(SS)
Johnsen, Carl D MM2(SS) 
Jones, Carlos F. TM3(SS)
Joy, Brent TM2(SS)
Kinert, John CAPT 
Leonard, Brian SK(SS)
Linder, David "Wally"
Long, R. L. J. ADM
Lowry, H. D. HM(SS) 
Lyon III, David FTCM(SS)
Mabe, Roger IC1(SS)
Marshall, Edwin LT 
Martin, Robert MT2(SS)
Mathe, Frank RM1(SS)
McCabe, Thomas FTCM(SS) 
McCollum, Edgar RMCM(SS)
McCully, Arthur CPO(SS)
McGarry, J. Gorden LCDR 
Menke, Kurt CDR
Miller, Harold
Nelson, Brad MMC(SS) 
Nelson, Jerry ICCS(SS)
Patton, Kaye E.  ST1(SS)
Pierce, Russell 
Postell, Jack TM2(SS)
Potts, Robert FTBC(SS)
Price, Leland CDR 
Pullen, Craig MTC(SS)
Reed, Henry R. MT2(SS)
Reidinger, Wilson STCS(SS)
Rennert, Robert RM1(SS) 
Richardson, Bradford  ET1(SS)
Roberts, Tuffy MM3(SS)
Rueth, Thomas IC3(SS) 
Sakizits  MM3(SS)
Sarell, A. E. (Butch) ETR2(SS)
Schiller, Robert EN2(SS) 
Shook, Michael W.  ETCS(SS)
Smith, William ETN2(SS)
Souders, Daniel MM1(SS) 
Stark, Bernie ETCM(SS)
Svestka, Carl
Sweeney, Brad MCPO(SS) 
Tigert, John LT 
Tittsworth, Noel TMCM(SS)
Trast, Phil LTJG 
Turner, Robert
Van Felder, Eldridge
Wacker  MSC(SS) 
Whalen, Daniel LT
Washington III, John A. ET(SS)
Wellinghurst, Stephen FTCM(SS)
Wyman, David IC2(SS) 
Yamaji  ET1(SS)    

“Sailor rest your oar…”

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