USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633)

The Story Of A Cold War Warrior

Mission Accomplished

The end of another successful patrol.  In other words, we are returning with all of our missiles.  The world remains safe.  Our hidden presence under the ocean was sufficient to deter a nuclear exchange once again.  It's time to head home now.  Our return date has been radioed to squadron who in turn have notified the wive's club.  We will then head to a pre-arranged point and surface.

All that remains now is to pack and get that dress uniform ready.  The weather in the middle of the Atlantic isn't that great, but that doesn't stop the ship's camera from making it's way topside.

Once near the channel the pilot boat comes close aboard to lead us into the channel.

The topside watch is then posted and they set about making the hull ready for docking, by unfolding all cleats and bollards and setting the safety lines.

And of course, there are those that are just standing around.

Finally, the shore nears.  At this time, preparations are being made to silence the reactor and transfer all power over to the shore power cables.